Leader Development

Developing core leadership skills in emerging leaders is essential to organisation performance. Engaging and motivating people across a business depends on front-line leaders and this can be the most significant determinant for success.

The substantial core areas of leadership capability are:

  • Developing Self as Leader: Self awareness, ability to learn, personal motivation, resilience

  • Leading and Managing Others: Communication and interpersonal skills, coaching, delegating, prioritizing, engaging and feedback, creating and sustaining high performance teams

  • Developing Performance: Creating an enabling an accountable environment that encourages high performance and innovation

Executive Development

Senior Leaders work in an environment of unrelenting challenge, with dynamic markets, increasing organisational complexity and often, a global scope. 

It is crucial to connect shifts in their behaviour with the strategic and culture shifts needed for the future success of their organisation. This can involve working with individual leaders, teams, Boards and leadership communities to:

  • Reframe their thinking; connect strategic issues; gain new insights

  • Shift the way they feel about themselves and their role

  • Grow their relationship capacity to shift their teams and engage stakeholders

  • Increase personal resilience and well being

  • Build on their strengths, enabling them to maximize their impact

How do I conduct Leadership and Executive Development?

I provide executive coaching in the form of an ongoing professional relationship that facilitates transformation in the mindsets & behaviors of coachees and produces breakthrough results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations.

I do this in a systematic results-led and development-oriented process that focuses on the “Way of Being” of the coachee.

This work facilitate understanding the higher purpose and meaning of the coachee’s life, and how that can impact in their business and social relationships thus enhancing their quality of life.

Through coaching, I facilitate tangible permanent change. I do this by carefully observing and giving feedback, as well as asking questions that help the coachees recognize the actions they need to take to create that change.

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