I am a medical doctor, a trained specialist in Psychiatry and I have been working in different fields of the Mental Health sector since I graduated from University.

After finishing my Internship in Buenos Aires, I moved to Paris where I navigated for over a decade, between the clinical and the research world. I also worked for a major pharmaceutical company that allowed me to understand the inner functioning of big organizations. 

Twenty years ago, I moved to Barbados where I have been practicing as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Executive Coach.

My involvement  in coaching date since 2001 when I did my first diploma in Leadership and Management.

In 2016, I pursued my training in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching at Kingstown College to become a fully trained and accredited coach. 

I am recognized as a Practitioner by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and I am part of the European Quality Award Work Team, which has for goal the assessment of Coaching Programs. 

My interest resides particularly in the cultural aspect of organizations and the cultural adaptation of individuals. I have been working with local managers and expatriates, developing their adjustment to different environments, both locally and overseas. My other areas of expertise include: interpersonal conflicts, leadership development, work effectiveness, personal development and life balance.

I coach in English, Spanish and French.  


My other passions are sports, particularly Triathlon and Water-skiing. I'm also actively involved with several Sustainable Development activities.


Below are a few comments of previous coaching clients:

"Dr. Loustric has been instrumental in helping me to develop a skill set that has made me altogether more mindful, purposeful and reflective in my work.  A preoccupation with consistently attaining high standards reduced my overall productivity and led to frustration.  Dr. Loustric was able to help me develop the tools needed to clarify goals and reduce procrastination.  She also helped to motivate me to focus on the steps to achieving a task rather than focusing on an ‘idealized’ outcome.  I am now more mindful and purposeful about how much time I chose to spend on different work tasks and assignments; prioritize their significance more realistically and meaningfully; can create a plan to optimize time and energy; and by focusing on the task at hand, and not on the list of tasks to be completed, I have increased my overall productivity and efficiency, while producing work that I feel meets a standard that I am comfortable with.  The outcome has been a better work/life balance and a more enriching and positive work experience.

Dr. Loustric has been a professional, supportive and genuine professional coach and I trust her judgement in reading situations/context. She challenges her clients to reflect on their own schemas/mental models which ultimately helps them to make purposeful changes that can positively impact their overall professional development.  I am very pleased to have benefitted from her coaching and support"..

Nina, Consultant in Education

"Being coached by Silvia Turjanski Loustric has changed my life. 

I started analysing my reality and from there, I started setting my priorities/ my goals and work towards their achievement (within a short term vision and a long one).

I opened myself to learn about myself and my life, to see my potential strengths and my weaknesses.

I increased my ability to identify solutions to specific work/personal related issues.

I felt engaged with myself.

I boosted my confidence.

I felt in power, in control and able to give directions to my life".

Anna, Contract and Finance Manager

..."I have the greatest respect for and appreciation of her ability to offer though provoking suggestions and self-help techniques. Much of this I have put into beneficial action. Negatives have become like stepping stones and thoughts of our conversations became guiding lights.

I have become stronger in spirit, more positive in general outlook and anticipate tomorrow and whatever it brings. I can handle the pressures if they present themselves.

I am privileged to have met Dr. Loustric and also to have been the beneficiary of her expertise."

Michael, Business Owner

"...She was always very encouraging and motivating while at the same time realistic in helping me to set goals for myself and addressing the issues at hand. She has taught me the process of how to break down a problem and manage it before it becomes too overwhelming. I have also learned from her the process of mindfulness which has been an extremely important asset in my life. 

Most of all, Dr. Loustric has given me the gift of balance and stability, not only in the work place but also at home dealing with family relationships and friends.

 My time spent with her has been truly worthwhile and extremely effective."

Philippe, Professional Services

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